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Chef at Forklift Catering Kitchen

My name is Chef Marketia and I have been cooking for 20 years. My mother was a corporate chef and my father cooked in the military. I was inspired to cook after being hired as a dish washer by my mother.

Forklift Catering started in 2015. I was an eager, struggling chef who became homeless but I didn't allow that to stop me from pursuing what I love to do or conducting business. I hired/paid staff and produced amazing food despite my circumstances.

I chose the name "Forklift Catering" because my idea was to get a food truck and pull up to construction sites and sell food to the workers.

During the time of my adversities, I would also pick up odd jobs through a temporary staffing agency. I would get sent to all sorts of different places. One day I was sent to a cafe in Torrance, California where I met an amazing woman who had a passion for cooking just as much as I did, who is now my wife/business partner.

Working with my wife is challenging yet beautiful at the same time. We both are two head strong individuals who know what we want and how we want them so things can become a little fiery in the kitchen once we find our balance, we are an "A". I am the Manager, (although I let my wife think she is) the financial adviser, the foodie, and the official taster. My wife brings all the flavor. Together we bring nothing but love.

Smiling Chef





The "Self-Taught Cook"

I was raised by a single mom of 4 children. My mother worked a lot and in most cases didn't have time to cook. Being that I was the only girl at the age of 13 I had to step up to the "plate" and make things happen. I have burned the chicken, undercooked rice, and oversalt food on many occasions, but through time and experience, I became better and better. By the time I turned 15I was throwing down! From Baked mac and cheese, smothered chicken in gravy, spaghetti, candied yams, you name it and I was making it. I became so good that my brothers preferred my cooking over my mother's which I do not think she was pleased with.

As an adult, I have developed a great taste and flavor for food, if I like it 9 times out of 10 you are going to love it!

Throughout my adulthood, I have struggled with finding my niches or my calling. I have picked up different trades, attended college and courses and God knows how many times I have changed my major. I have done nursing, administration, cosmetology yet still none of it worked for me. One thing I have always known is it has always brought me gratitude pleasing others and making people happy. Putting a smile on someone's face has always been my happy place and for years I have done it through my cooking and never even noticed it.

I have had people tell me that my dishes were the best they have ever had in their life. I guess I never really looked at cooking as my calling because it has always been something I had to do since a young gold and as an adult cooking for my kids. I have had people pay me to make dishes, I have catered birthday parties, wedding parties and other events and have always gotten great feedback.

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